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Yuga Lab's NFT Collection Meebits Drops A Collectible Music Album
Yuga Labs's NFT collection Meebits launched a music album that's also collectable as ERC-1155 NFTs.
Muskaan T.
8:08 22nd Dec, 2022

The album resulted from a collaboration with WarpSound, a subsidiary of the generative AI music platform Authentic Artists that announced a partnership with Yuga on Nov. 3.

Users can listen to the album's 22 tracks, 13 of which have freshly dropped, on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Meebit holders can collect the NFTs for free, paying only a gas fee.

Tracks include "Teenage Halloween," "The Magic Dragon Wagon" and "Clap for Chumps," and the electronic music varies from slow and sober vibes to more upbeat and fun tunes.

Meebits reached peak transaction volume of $127.25 million in May of 2021 when the project first launched, according to The Block's Data Dashboard. Larva Labs, of CryptoPunk and CryptoKitties fame, was responsible for the original launch, but Yuga Labs purchased the intellectual property on Mar. 11.


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