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Yuga Labs Announced Cryptopunks Newsletter
Yuga Labs, the heads of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks have confirmed the first Cryptopunks NFT grant.
Uzma D.
10:15 12th Sep, 2022

This grant supports the creation of a Cryptopunks newsletter, titled ‘Punks Post‘. Punks Post will capture important events and promote various networking opportunities for fans of the collection.

Cryptopunks Newsletter

Yuga Labs announced the newsletter on their official Twitter page last night. To clarify, the parent company of Cryptopunks is awarding two community members, @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth a grant in order to create and maintain a Cryptopunks-focused newsletter, Punks Post.

Though it is the first time Cryptopunks has awarded a grant to their community members, it is not the first grant from Yuga Labs. They first grew in popularity through Bored Ape Yacht Club before buying the Cryptopunks and Meebits IP. They noted that one of the first recipients of a grant, @jenkinsthevalet has created a thriving community in their own right.


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