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World Of Women NFT Announces The WoW Awards
Women-focused, blue-chip NFT collection, World of Women has announced the launch of the WoW Awards.
Himanshu S.
7:48 15th Oct, 2022

The latest update comes on the heels of its announcement of the “WoW Gala” earlier this month. As WoW’s biggest event of the year, the Gala aims to celebrate its members. The upcoming WoW Awards is one of the primary aspects of the Gala.

Let’s take a closer look at what the WoW Awards is all about:

What is the WoW Awards?

World of Women will host its first WoW Awards during the WoW Gala. The Gala will take place on December 1, at Art Basel Miami. Moreover, any World of Women Galaxy holders can nominate themselves for the award.

“We recognise that our community is filled with talented individuals that are aligned with our mission and we want to reward you for it,” World of Women wrote in a blog post. “ All WoW fam members are encouraged to nominate, campaign and participate in this process — regardless of whether you can make it to the Gala!”

What are the different WoW Awards categories?

All in all, there are eight categories in the WoW Awards:

Imaginative Art: This category focuses on derivative artwork based on the WoW characters. However, if any member has commissioned work from an artist, they must enter the category by giving credit to the artist.

Innovative Use of IP: This is for everyone who has created an innovative product or content around their WoW.

Impact in Web3 Education: From the onset, WoW has been at the forefront of empowering women and educating the community. This category recognises the holders who have been educating and onboarding people into NFTs through various means.

Web3 for Good — Sustainability: This category honours members who have contributed towards making the industry more sustainable.

Web3 for Good — Social Justice: This is for all the activists championing a better world and future.

Digital Fashion & Design: Most of the WoW characters have their fashion game on point. This category spotlights all the fashionistas in the WoW fam.

Creative Storytelling: Any writers, creators, and storytellers from the WoW community can nominate themselves for this category.

Community Building: This category honours everyone supporting, building, and driving WoW’s mission.


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