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Virginia's Averett University Partnership Will Bring The Metaverse To Campus
Averett University will enter the metaverse later this academic year. A digital twin of the university’s campus will allow parents to feel more connected to their students and offer new opportunities in the classroom.
9:22 29th Sep, 2022

Averett University’s recent partnership with Dalrada Financial Corporation will also address sustainability and energy efficiency on campus.

A digital twin is a virtual version of a real-world, physical space.

The digital twin of the university would allow users to explore campus without actually being there. Parents could see what their student’s walk to class looks like, for example.

“We’ve got students from 36 states and 26 countries right now,” said Tiffany Franks, university president. “Families could become immersed in what their student is doing …you can’t help but get pretty fired up about that.”

Franks said she’s already heard from faculty members in the communications, computer information systems and education departments who have come to her with ideas about how they might implement this new technology into their curriculum, she said.

“Everybody’s thinking about how they get to use new digital teaching learning tools,” she said. “We’re not just preparing students for their first job after they graduate. We’re preparing them for the sixth and seventh job and importantly, the jobs that we can’t even imagine yet.”

Averett has partnered with California-based Dalrada Financial Corp. to create a metaverse for the campus. The partnership, announced Sept. 16, will also focus on physical changes to Averett’s campus, such as new HVAC systems, prioritizing sustainability and energy efficiency.

The university is not the first to enter the metaverse. This fall, 10 universities are delivering programs in the metaverse – an immersive part of the internet accessible with virtual reality equipment.


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