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Tobias Rehberger Releases “Fairytale & Conspiracies” Themed NFT Art
German sculptor and artist, Prof. Tobias Rehberger has created “hybrid NFT art” under the title Fairytales and Conspiracies.
Ankita K.
11:18 26th Sep, 2022

Using material from stock photo agency, Action Press, he has created five digital animated collages – that are 3,750 digital frames.

Fairytales and Conspiracies

With ‘Fairytales and Conspiracies,’ artist, Tobias Rehberger dedicates himself to the subject of authorship of art, authenticity and value. To create his artwork for this project, Rehberger has chosen photos from the archives of Action Press, a photo agency with one of the largest databases in the world. With these, he has distorted them and made them into 5 animated digital collages named Liquid Posters. A total of 3,750 exclusive digital frames, consisting of the five Liquid posters NFTs.

Rehberger cooperated with numerous partners to create ‘Fairytales and Conspiracies’ NFT art series. That is, in these clips there are quotes from the book “Fragebogen” (Questionnaire) by Max Frisch. Besides, DJ Markus Nikolai created the background music. Lastly, FINPRO did the technical implementation of the smart contracts and the user interface.

A vernissage will host the premiere showing of the five Liquid Posters, starting at six PM at the TechQuartier in Frankfurt, Germany. It is not possible to view the clips on the site and buy NFTs until 19:00. Rehberger has yet to provide a precise price. Rehberger noted that an Ethereum equivalent of an upper-range three-digit Euro amount will be the price.


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