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Thomas Edison NFT Project Announces Rare 1913 Electric Vehicle Up For Auction
Charmsori Edison NFT has partnered up with South Korea's Thomas Edison Science Museum, to sell the original 1913 electric vehicle built by Thomas Edison, as one of their physical NFT assets.
Himanshu S.
3:25 27th Jul, 2022

Edison LightX, or more officially known as Charmsori Edison Club, introduces a refreshingly unique idea to the NFT space incorporating historical American figure, Thomas Edison, driving their NFT project.

What does this mean? This means that Legendary NFT holders of the Edison LightX NFTs will have official ownership to their very own original light bulb dating back to the 1880s. But this isn’t the biggest news yet.

According to David Son, CEO of Luckmon, he states, ”This is something we’ve been working on with our partners, Morrowbogi, and the Director of Charmsori Edison Museum for quite some time. Director and President Son Sung-mok [Charmsori Edison Museum] has agreed to sell 10 of Thomas Edison’s original light bulbs physical assets with 1 to 1 NFT’s. Physical NFT is a certification of ownership in which you own the real physical version of property assets.Recently, he’s also decided to work with us on allowing us to auction the original Edison electric vehicle as a physical asset alongside the  Edison LightX project.”

That’s right. Charmsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum’s Director, Son Sung-mok, has agreed to auction the rare 1913 electric battery car vehicle invented by Thomas Edison in affiliation with the Charmsori Edison Club NFT project.

The lone 1913 EV

During Edison’s era, he was inspired by his junior colleague, Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motors Company), to create his own vehicle using an alkaline storage battery powering its motors. It was during this time that Edison created 3 electric vehicle prototypes. Over the last century, one of the three prototypes vanished, leaving behind two. Director Son owns one of two total Thomas Edison battery powered vehicles in the world with the additional caveat of having the only existing companion charging station. The other is on display at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan.

Director Son Sung-mok of the Charmsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum states that his reasoning behind auctioning the electric vehicle are due to undisclosed reasons but he wishes to continue reminding the world of Thomas Edison’s work and the impact that he’s made in modern technology, including the auto and electric vehicle industry.

The lone 1913EV integrating with the NFT space would be the vital reminder to the burgeoning tech industry that we know of today

The story behind Director Son’s collector’s journey is a remarkable one. He states in Luckmon’s blogpost that,”It involved traffic accidents, being robbed, kidnapped and shot.” He continues by reminiscing on the memories and impact Thomas Edison’s work left in his life.


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