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Tencent’s Music App Tests NFT Avatars, Virtual Music Room
These NFT PFP avatars are two-dimensional cartoon characters based on Tencent’s blockchain, Zhixin Chain.
7:33 5th Jul, 2022

Tencent on Monday said it started testing non-fungible token (NFT) profile picture (PFP) avatars and the “virtual room” Music Zone on its QQ Music app.

QQ Music will also launch the virtual room function “Music Zone,” where users can invite friends’ avatars to be guests in the room and listen to music together.

Android phone users could already try the PFP NFT function and the virtual room as of Monday, ahead of official sales starting Wednesday morning, a post from Tencent’s official QQ music account said.

The price of each PFP is set at 0.88 yuan (US$ 0.13) and limited to 40,000 versions.

QQ Music has over 275 million monthly active users in 2021, and ranks second among all the music apps in mainland China.


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