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Tech Giant Xiaomi Is Investing In A New 3D Metaverse, Puffverse
The latest global corporation to enter the web3 space is Xiaomi, the Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics, software, and other items.
Himanshu S.
5:20 2nd Nov, 2022

As the second biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, this is a massive moment for the web3 industry. To begin with, Xiaomi is investing in a new 3D metaverse called Puffverse. The company will support Puffverse during its development stage.

Xiaomi joins web3!

Over the last two years, some of the biggest companies in the world have begun to adapt to web3 and start figuring out how the technology can benefit their own customers. Now, Xiaomi, a Fortune 500 company, is entering the space.

The move signals the intent of Xiaomi to move into the blockchain industry and explore how to use it. Initially, they will help Puffverse as they develop a vast, colorful metaverse, complete with games and more. As leading experts in web2, they will have a lot of experience to offer in the development stage.

What is Puffverse?

Puffverse is a huge metaverse gaming world that is currently under construction. They have partners such as YAHAHA, Mirana, and Unity, giving the project enormous industry support. With Xiaomi helping to develop the project, many will look forward to the final result.

This huge 3D universe is interactive and immersive, with NFT characters and various assets. Puffverse also recently launched PuffGo, a skill-to-earn ‘party game’ offering huge rewards. This game provides a brief view of what players can expect when the Puffverse metaverse launches.


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