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Swiss Watch Firm Chronoswiss Unveils Its First Metaverse Watch
Famous Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss enters the metaverse realm with its limited edition watch collection. The metaverse watch collection is dubbed the “Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush.”
Muskaan T.
8:29 8th Oct, 2022
  • Chronoswiss, a Swiss watch company enters the Web3 realm with its metaverse watch.
  • The metaverse watch is dubbed the “Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush.”
  • Users can check out the watch in its digital Atelier in the Decentraland metaverse.

The Metaverse watch collection is a limited edition of only 100 pieces. To provide an example, the interior of the case is vibrantly colored in purple and is a combination of hues. It is a hybrid piece that showcases both traditional mechanical watchmaking techniques and the bright future of digital technology.

Oliver Ebstein, owner, and CEO of Chronoswiss stated:

We understand the Metaverse as the next evolutionary step of the internet, where business and gaming merge into a unique customer experience. We are aware that it is a bet on a yet unclear vision, but it is beyond exciting and every promising vision needs people to believe in it.

Ebstein added that the virtual Atelier is a lab for extraordinary ideas in a world that has really no limitations. Chronoswiss also claims to be one of the first to open a virtual watch boutique in the Decentaland metaverse. Decentraland users can visit the Atelier in the Decentraland metaverse at (Location: -101,8).

Out of the 100 rare metaverse pieces, 8 of them will be recreated as luxury wearable 3D watches. The eight watches will be available in its Lucerne atelier in Switzerland. Each of these watches will also be connected to an NFT.

Brands from every industry are trying to establish their presence in the web3 realm. NFTs and the Metaverse have widely become popular with brands, setting up virtual shops and dropping their own NFT collections.


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