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SHIB Burn Rate Soars 395% As 155 Million Tokens Got Removed Last Week
The sum of Shiba Inu that was burned during the last week has dropped substantially, and it was low on a daily basis during that period, too.
Ankita K.
8:40 10th Oct, 2022

Shibburn platform, which traces SHIB burn transactions and removes meme tokens to dead-end wallets, has shared via its Twitter handle that over the past seven days, the amount of burned coins has dropped massively compared to the one before that.

This time, Shibburn counted—thanks to the joint efforts of the SHIB army—a total of 108,611,459 meme coins sent to unspendable wallets. Another 44 million SHIB were removed from circulation in the past 24 hours, which makes it roughly 155 million in all by now.

On Saturday, U.Today reported that an anonymous wallet owner had purchased a whopping 100,000,000,000 Shiba Inu tokens, paying $1.1 million for them at the exchange rate on the day of the buy. The acquisition of the crypto was made on the KuCoin exchange. Overall, as of today, the 100 largest whales on Ethereum are holding a "stable amount" of SHIB (which they had not added to or subtracted from over the past couple of weeks): 12,404,455,214,963. This amount of SHIB is worth $134,295,514 and comprises 4.98% of their portfolios. At the time of this writing, the second most popular canine token is trading at $0.00001084, per figures provided by the CoinMarketCap platform.


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