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Rock Icon Slash To Perform VR Concert In 'Magic Mirror Musical Metaverse'
The Rock icon has planted a flag in the music metaverse by forming a partnership with virtual reality music platform.
Ankita K.
8:51 1st Jul, 2022

The new album from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, titled 4, is set to make its virtual reality debut via a new partnership formed with Soundscape VR – the longest-running music platform comprised of solely virtual reality performances.

Soundscape has what it calls a 'Magic Mirror Musical Metaverse' and has announced the addition of Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators "Live at Studios 60" to the dynamic virtual concert space it has created.

The virtual concert world created by Soundscape VR(opens in new tab) (SVR) is said to reflect the nature of the musicians perfectly, with soaring vocals and realistic renditions of unforgettable melodies. “I'm really excited about this cool VR interpretation of our live performance at Studios 60,” shares Slash. “It's a new and immersive visual that gives it a great ‘in the room’ feel.”

Eric Alexander, Soundscape VR founder and creator, thinks that this virtual concert is a milestone for the company. “Artists everywhere are seeing SVR & Magic Mirror as the ultimate digital presentation of their art, giving their fans a totally original experience built for the highest levels of immersion. Soundscape continues to lead the world in the exploration & display of the most advanced musical metaverse technologies.”

Describing itself as the future of music, the Soundscape VR universe is available to download and can be experienced on both Steam and Oculus-compatible devices. Comprised of VR, XR, and AR music technologies, the platform boasts a stable user base of over a hundred-thousand people, five immersive audio-reactive worlds (using Sonic AI), and the opportunity to connect live in VR with friends and other global music fans.

Soundscape also provides users the option to choose and stream their own music, and it even includes a Beat Saber-style game called Spectra Dash, whereby you can blow things up in VR with friends to a specific soundtrack. If this weren't immersive enough, SVR will also be appearing as a mixed reality concert stage present at music festivals across the US.

The global AR, and VR market is supposedly expected to grow to 209.2 billion by the end of 2022, and a new version of SVR’s Sonic AI now helps shape experiences and its music metaverse worlds like never before. Armed with their customizable avatars, users can explore immersive, audio-reactive worlds while rocking out to Slash.


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