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Police Department Of Tamil Nadu, India; Launches NFTs To Reward Its Officers
India is definitely on the path to a digital revolution! In the first move of its kind across the world, the Chennai government has announced the issuing of the Soulbound Token, the world’s first Token of Appreciation, to outstanding members of its team.
Kabir V.
12:11 3rd Dec, 2022
  • The Tamil Nadu Government issues Soulbound Token as a means of providing Digital Medal
  • These tokens have been issued to the outstanding team members
  • The state government has always been at the forefront of new tech usage

According to a press release on 1 December, the Director General of Police, Idol Wing CID, Tamil Nadu, Dr K Jayanth Murali IPS, issues the Soulbound Token to outstanding members of his team.

The officials who received SBTs today from the DGP include DSP Muthuraja, DSP Mohan, SSI Ramalingam, HC Reagan, and Grade 1 Laxmikant.

The move will make the Tamil Nadu Government the first in the world to utilize the Soulbound, (a variation of NFT) concept as a ‘Digital Medal’. Here, it must be mentioned that the Tamil Nadu Government has always been at the forefront of new tech usage. ‘Government organizations should show the same vigour in adopting breakthrough technology for good as much as for the antisocial elements, so as to understand and protect our citizens from harm,’ opines the Director General of Police.

Further, under the able guidance of Dr Murali, GuardianLink’s Co-Founder, Arjun Reddy, worked to make the senior police official's vision into reality, thereby making the Tamil Nadu Government the first across the globe to use Soulbound Token as a means of providing a Digital Medal.

A little about Soulbound Token

Soulbound Tokens are non-fungible tokens. However, unlike the regular NFTs, the SBTs are non-transferable, which represent a person’s identity utilizing the technology of blockchain. Infact, they represent a person's reputation and accomplishments, a kind of ‘extended resume’.


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