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Nike’s RTFKT Reveals The First Look Of Real-Life Cryptokick Sneakers
Nike’s RTFKT Studios have revealed the first look at their soon-to-be-released real-life Cryptokick sneakers, through a video published by SneakerCon.
Ankita K.
4:42 3rd Oct, 2022

Many followers already have shown their disappointment at the preview, with many hoping that it’s not the unfinished model. However, despite this, it’s still an extremely exciting concept and another move of NFTs into the mainstream.

The RTFKT Cryptokicks

Looking at the RTFKT Cryptokick Sneakers model, similarities can be seen in comparison to the 2015 Nike Air Mags, created to celebrate Back to the Future Day, due to their futuristic look, and grey/silver/teal colourway. They could also be compatible with some of Nike’s basketball sneaker models, too.

Through the SneakerCon-published video, some have speculated that the shoe may feature Nike’s Adapt technology, a feature that is self-lacing, again inspired by Back to the Future’s Air Mag.

Although no official date has been confirmed by the creator, Sole Retriever reported that the IRL sneakers are set to debut in the Holiday season of this year. They will retail for $300. They also mentioned that it is likely that users will need to own an RTFKT NFT of some kind in order to purchase the groundbreaking innovation.

This will surely be RTFKT’s first of many in-real-life sneakers that they will launch. They have a few silhouettes to produce based on their already launched NFTs, alone.

Audience’s Reaction

Unfortunately, despite the cool concept, RTFKT’s fanbase hasn’t been too keen upon seeing the initial leak of the RTFKT Cryptokick Sneakers. A comment from a user read: “After collecting so many cryptokicks, I am really disappointed by this, I hope it’s a very very early edition.” It remains unconfirmed what stage the product is at. `

Another Twitter user said: “This ain’t it. These are Nike adapts basically. No sneakerhead is wearing those. And this is mad confusing for anyone who bought cryptokicks dunks. Cause this ain’t a dunk and it’s being labelled as cryptokicks. Pretty disappointed.”


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