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NFT Tech Partners With Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations To Strengthen Foothold In Sports NFTs
NFT Technologies Inc. (NEO: NFT), a leading technology company mainstreaming decentralized ownership, NFTs and the metaverse for public markets, announced today its partnership with Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations to connect live sports data to the massive potential of the sports NFT market.
Himanshu S.
8:06 3rd Aug, 2022

Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations offers best-in-class officiating, broadcast and digital solutions to the sports world. NFT Tech, which was a pioneer in connecting live sports data and sport NFTs through their Cannes Lion award-winning work on the Australian Open AO Artball, is excited to partner with Hawk-Eye in what some are calling the future of sports.

Sony is the largest technology and media company in Japan with more than US$80B in revenue, with gaming and network services accounting for US$24B. Through its subsidiary Hawk-Eye Innovations, Sony Sports is exploring blockchain technology and its ability to connect fans with each other and their favourite teams in unprecedented ways.

“Sport Leagues worldwide are constantly looking for ways to increase viewership and connect deeper with fans,” said Adam De Cata, NFT Tech CEO. “Fantasy sports is extremely popular and acts as a huge viewership increase, encouraging the middle segment of fans to stay engaged during the regular season. We’re excited to be joined by Sony as we pioneer unique blockchain use cases for the sporting and entertainment industry.”

Fantasy sports is a fast-growing industry. Over sixty million people play yearly – and experts expect the industry to be worth $50B a year by 2028. Hawk-Eye’s services are currently used in over 20 sports, and, apart from ball sports, they are being used in athletics, horse-racing, and even motorsports. Ball tracking has started to be used for strategy analysis and scouting, and multi-angle viewing for matches shown on television and in videos is also under consideration, making it clear that the possibilities for Hawk-Eye are growing.

“At NFT Tech, our mission is to help the next billion users onboard to web3. We believe entertainment and sporting will be a major avenue for this adoption, and couldn’t be more excited. This opportunity allows us to engage with a huge swath of fans worldwide, leveraging this pivotal moment in NFT history. It’s our opportunity to showcase the power of the blockchain and onboard the next billion users into the space.”

About NFT Tech

NFT Tech works to develop infrastructure, assets, real estate and IP in the metaverse, build and generate revenue from P2E and M2E games, and bring insights and benefits to the public markets. By bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and the Web3 space, NFT Tech is mainstreaming decentralized ownership, NFTs, and the metaverse. Current projects include founding the GOAT Guild and Fuku.

About Hawk-Eye Innovations

Hawk-Eye Innovations forms a key part of the Sony Sports business with a shared mission to deliver best-in-class officiating, broadcast and digital solutions to the sports world. Through the Sony family we open doors to much wider capabilities, helping customers to realise new opportunities and bringing to life experiences that could only previously be imagined. We work closely alongside sister company Pulselive to create compelling digital experiences that put more control into the hands of the fans.


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