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Napoleon Dynamite Cast Reunites For An NFT TV Series
The main casts of Napoleon Dynamite, a classic comedy film from 2004, are reuniting for an NFT animated TV series — Cyko KO.
Muskaan T.
8:59 29th Sep, 2022

Since the series uses NFT for its characters, it will air using the blockchain technology. It may sound unreal to many, but Cyko KO’s creator has confirmed this news through his Twitter account.

More importantly, the series will reward its viewers through a watch-to-earn ecosystem. Napoleon Dynamite actors, including Jon Heder, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries, are reuniting after many years.

The above-mentioned Napoleon Dynamite star cast will be voice actors for some characters on the upcoming NFT TV series. Apparently,  Cyko KO’s storyline is no secret as it bases on an Award-nominated comic book, Cyko KO, by Rob Feldman..

Although the full details of the role of each actor are unknown, we do know who the lead voice actor is. Actor Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite will voice the lead character of Cyko KO — a fourth-wall-breaking hero addicted to pinball.

The Deadline was the first to air the news before Rob Feldman, the creator of Cyko KO, confirmed it on September 27. Through Twitter, Rob announced working with some of Napoleon Dynamite casts, such as Jon Heder, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries.

However, like a ticking time bomb, the project drops two days from now — September 30 at 4 pm EST. In the initial news, the series will have a 12-minute pilot launched on blockchain streaming service from Replay’s Rewarded.

Furthermore, to incentivise viewers, RPLAY tokens will serve as a reward for watching Cyko KO.


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