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Mobile Game Developer Kongregate Introduces “Blood Vessels” Debut NFTs
Leading mobile game developer Kongregate is set to launch Blood Vessels’ first-ever public mint.
Ankita K.
1:53 30th Oct, 2022

Blood Vessels, the massive tabletop adventure experience, aims to provide a unique NFT experience to holders. The mint goes live to the public on October 26th.

Simply put, Blood Vessels is a community-driven, blockchain-fueled narrative experience in the form of a tabletop roleplay game. Interestingly, the game is playable directly on Discord, using custom-made bots built by Blood Vessel engineers. The game is also a tribute to Chicago and retells a forgotten era of the city’s history.

The premise sees players donning the roles of genetically mutated Vampires. Rising from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the super-vamps now roam the Chicago streets to uncover its darkest mysteries. Although, the game also allows players to form secret factions to target other vampires or pursue their own agendas. These vampires also need to find their own origin stories, which remain a mystery until now.

Blood Vessels game lead Arbiter Rex excitedly described the endeavor: “Returning to its community-driven roots, Kongregate is gathering players together and creating a tabletop-inspired game set in a supernatural world. It’s unlike anything we’ve developed before, and we can’t wait to see players’ reactions and how the story develops.”

To play the Blood Vessels game on their Discord, players would need to purchase a Vampire NFT. Each avatar is a unique, one-of-one piece with varying traits, art, and game attributes. Additionally, each Vampire avatar also unlocks unique roles and access to secret Discord channels to further enhance their gameplay experience into the Blood Vessels universe.

Furthermore, the team has planned future utility for these NFTs as the game (and players) evolve more profoundly into the experience. Collectors also get a price lock on future Blood Vessel mints, alongside the ability to choose their narrative scenarios, further adding to the utility.

Stay up-to-date with the Blood Vessels roadmap by joining their Discord. And if you’re an NFT collector looking for the perfect NFT to close the spooky season with, this would be the one! Mint your Vampire by visiting the official Blood Vessels website.

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