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Marvel Creator's Character Slam Girl Revived After 20 Yrs As NFT Series
Slam-Girl was a creation of Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel. Created and forgotten 20 years ago, she has been revived from the dead and made into an NFT series.
6:10 30th Sep, 2022
  • Slam-Girl was created 20 years ago by Stan Lee, creator or Marvel Comics.
  • She was shelved when the spin-off company that created her collpased.
  • Now she has been revived and she might just slam you.

Marvel has pumped out some incredibly profitable and iconic superheroes in their time. On the roster are hotties such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, the Hulk, and all of those sexy X-Men. Is it hot in here or…?

One character, however, didn’t quite make it to the big time. Instead, she ended up on the cutting room floor. Called Slam-Girl, she is a never-before-seen character.

Slam-Girl origins

While created over two decades ago, Slam-Girl is considered to be a new character. She was a collaborative effort between Stan Lee and his creative partner, comic book artist Will Meugniot.

In her story, she came to be a superhero thanks to taking a sip of a radioactive ‘Old Spider Bite’ Lite Beer. Imagine what would have happened had she slammed a full-strength beer!

Post-sip she was imbued with a range of superpowers she now reluctantly accepts.

Shirrel Rhoades is a former publisher at Marvel. Upon finding the files, he said,I was amazed to discover that Stan had created a new superhero that was a parody of his Spider-Man. I felt like Indiana Jones discovering the Lost Ark!”

According to, after a once-off episode of Slam-Girl was unearthed, it was shown for the first time in 20 years at a Metaverse-themed event, called Metacon in Dubai in May.

Here is the original pilot.

The early metaverse

Stan Lee, the creative force behind Marvel, was early into the game when the internet first rose to life. In 1999 he started to build his animation studio. It employed 150 writers and animation specialists. The realm where the new characters were going to live was in cyberspace… an early Metaverse. However, the project collapsed after the dot com bubble burst.

All of the characters created at the time were shelved and lay in hypersleep for 20 years. That is, until the recent unearthing of all of the work. When Slam-Girl was rediscovered, the records showed that she was created in 2000 by Lee and Will Meugniot. The files also showed that Slam-Girl was designed to be an internet-age slacker for a new generation of digital enthusiasts.

Rhoades got in touch with Meugniot, an asked him to collaborate on the NFT series.

Slam-Girl will make her next appearance at NYC Comic Con as an NFT series. It is now four years since Marvel founder Stan Lee passed away.

The NFT collection shows Slam-Girl fighting four of her enemies. Her nemeses are, of course, from The League of Evil Bastards.

The NFTs will be available to buy on OneOf. The platform say they are a ‘green NFT marketplace.’

While NFTs have had their “tulip bubble” moment, and are no longer the compelling investment they once were, brand names can still get moderate success selling collections.


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