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Luxury Fashion Brand Moncler Enters The Metaverse & NFTs After Partnering With Arianee
The French Web3 platform, Arianee, announced a new partnership with fashion brand Moncler to mark the brand’s 70th anniversary, which kicked off on 24 September with an event in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo.
7:10 10th Oct, 2022

Moncler thus joins the Arianee Association to contribute to the future of the Arianee open-source protocol and its applications along with 50 other Web3 industry leaders.

Through this collaboration, 3 different types of non-fungible tokens will thus be launched today:

500 NFT associated with the iconic Moncler Maya down jacket, in platinum color;

500 NFT for the first 500 visitors to the traveling exhibition-event Extraordinary Expedition, which opened in New York on 5 October;

70 NFTs distributed among friends of the Moncler brand.

On 1 October, the first 500 limited-edition NFTs with exclusive features were distributed to buyers of the Moncler Maya down jacket. Each NFT was redeemable by scanning a QR code.

In parallel, Moncler launched another collection of 500 NFTs, available on a first-come, first-served basis for visitors to Extraordinary Expedition, a traveling exhibition event that kicked off in New York on 5 October, will also make it stop in London, Seoul, Tokyo, and China.

Each NFT of this type contains an exclusive artwork designed by Antoni Tudisco, creative director and 3D artist from Hamburg, Germany.

Arianee’s SaaS platform allows brands to create NFTs with different features, such as:

Asynchronous transfer mode: users can view NFT content and generate a wallet at the same time, without being native to the crypto world. In the coming months, users will be able to transfer their NFT to an external wallet.

Minted on Polygon: Holders can share and exchange their NFTs on different blockchain networks and applications, from metaverse like The Sandbox to NFT marketplaces like Opensea.

Other features add to the previous ones: user-generated airdrop, CRM, timestamps, transparency data, augmented reality, distribution in the metaverse, etc…

This is the first step in a broader Web3 strategy that the Moncler brand has in mind, which will focus on tokenizing more assets, both digital and linked to physical assets.

Web3 is expected to reach one billion users by 2031, and in this area, the statement explained, companies like Arianee will play a key role in the growth of world-famous luxury brands entering this world.

Founded in 2018, Arianee is the first platform offering companies solutions to enter the Web3. Arianee’s open-source blockchain-based protocol helps brands implement their Web3 strategy by enabling them to tokenize, distribute, and leverage NFTs to transform relationships with their communities.


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