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Luxury Fashion Brand Balmain Unveils NFT Membership Program With MintNFT
France's Balmain is continuing its partnership with MintNFT to launch the luxury house's official NFT-based membership program, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week.
Kabir V.
7:37 28th Sep, 2022

Dubbed 'The Balmain Thread', the membership will oversee Balmain’s evolving series of NFT offerings, while also offering access to upcoming Balmain moments, including special events, house collections, surprise drops and digital experiences.

Memberships will be minted on the carbon-friendly XRP Ledger blockchain, and forms part of the 'The Club', MintNFT’s membership, loyalty, and rewards product that is powered by Web3 technology.

The first series of Balmain Thread members will be invited to join during the upcoming third edition of the Balmain Festival launching on September 28, as part of Paris Fashion Week, with The Balmain Thread launching later this year. The program will eventually be home to 10,000 of the house’s customers and fans.

New to the Balmain Festival will be ‘The Moment’ - a mobile photo experience created by MintNFT that allows festival goers to transform and mint their favorite Balmain Festival fashion moment into their own unique digital collectible on the XRP Ledger. The Moment was developed by MINTNFT as a way for Balmain to generate digital and physical engagement at events.

“I’ve never aimed to simply be cool,” said Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing. “Instead, my goal has always been to ensure that this house’s designs are timeless and tied together by a unifying thread. And it’s important to never break that thread—because the moment that happens... well, that would mean that you’ve failed. That would mean that you haven’t been able to extend a clear vision or advance a distinct aesthetic.”

The global partnership between MintNFT and Balmain was first announced back May, 2022.

“We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before,” said James Sun, CEO and Co-founder of MintNFT. “As a leader in innovation, both in fashion and technology, Balmain is the perfect partner to deliver this next evolution of NFTs and blockchain.”


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