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Logan Paul Has Been Accused Of Scamming His Fans With Crypto Project
Logan Paul’s Cryptozoo has recently been called a “scam” by investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla. In response, Logan has promised to “expose the bad actors” and offer an explanation in an upcoming Influential podcast.
Himanshu S.
5:01 26th Dec, 2022

Logan Paul recently revealed that he was developing CryptoZoo, a cryptocurrency-based game. The initial announcement came in August 2021 during an episode of his influencer podcast.

What followed was a series of controversies and backlash from both Logan and the cryptocurrency communities at large.

The latest development sees multiple exposé videos uploaded by Coffeezilla between December 17 and 23. These videos revealed Cofeezilla’s in-depth investigation of CryptoZoo and its developers.

Now, due to the increasing amount of backlash, Logan Paul has promised to address the controversy on his podcast Impressive on January 3, 2023.

Cryptozoo “Bad Actors” To Be Revealed On January 3rd

He added: “While I generally applaud Stephen’s creative genius and exceptional work ethic (I mean it), this is not true at all. When appropriate, all bad actors will be exposed, explained and fully Will be held accountable I will speak effectively on 3rd January.

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Reaction to the tweet has been mixed, with many in the community questioning why Logan didn’t respond sooner.

Cofeezilla also responded to Logan questioning the actions of PRIME’s founder. He added: “Refuses to talk to me for months, refuses to address investors for a year and a half, and then when caught, Logan says he’s going to “expose bad actors?

Also shared by Coffeezilla Proof that he had contacted Logan several times prior to the publication of his video. He concluded: “It’s sad to see Logan once again only focused on his reputation, rather than the victims who owe him millions of $$BC.”

We shall see whether January 3rd brings an end to this controversy, or is it the beginning of a new chapter in the tale.


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