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Kenyan Startup Puts Health Data On Blockchain
AfyaRekod, a healthtech startup based in Kenya, has launched a blockchain-based platform that enables hospitals and other stakeholders to retrieve patients’ health data and medical history, all in real time.
Himanshu S.
6:28 21st Jul, 2022

If adopted, what this technology means for the average Kenyan is an unrestricted access to personal health records every time, everywhere.

Research shows that poor health information systems have characterised the healthcare system of African countries and have contributed to a major challenge in nurturing a continent of healthy people.

However, health tech companies in Africa are daring to change that narrative, one startup at a time.

Earlier this year, Nigeria’s Medsaf shared with TechCabal its plans to ensure that all the medications in its robust marketplace are loaded into a blockchain database, enabling users of such medications to gain insights and track the movement of the meds from manufacturers to consumers.

Ghana has recently launched ePharmacy, which allows users to check and know the authenticity of the drugs they purchase and also prevents people from over using one prescription to purchase drugs multiple times.

Despite cryptocurrency’s shiny position as the most adopted blockchain technology in Africa, the rise of blockchain adoption by other startups is something to be enthusiastic about, especially as such advances can greatly change the narrative of technology adoption and living conditions in Africa. We are rooting for them!


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