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GTA 6 Might Have Crypto Currency As A Reward System
GTA 6 is back in the spotlight with another trick following the allegedly largest hole in computer game history, into which it poured cuts. Famous Twitter tippers have promised that GTA 6 will feature an in-game digital money system.
Kabir V.
7:14 2nd Nov, 2022

Even though the rumors haven’t been confirmed, adding cryptocurrency to what could be the biggest gaming company in history would be a big deal and make the industry more respected.

The rumors also state that characters who are cryptocurrency billionaires may assign assignments that are rewarded in digital currencies. It will be acknowledged that GTA 6’s inclusion of Bitcoin involvement makes it cutting-edge for a considerable amount of time after its release. While rumors about the inclusion of cryptocurrency in the game have some people excited, others believe that, should Rockstar Games decide to implement it, it would be the worst possible decision.

Crypto is both the most entertaining and the stupidest thing out there. When the distributor asked if the players didn’t want to make money playing their game, they responded, “No, we need to have fun.” However, every company, from Square Enix to Ubisoft, is fiercely combating NFTs and other blockchain-based attacks. The creators of Extreme Robbery Auto have not released a formal announcement on (the growth of) crypto resources. However, Rockstar Games acknowledged that GTA 6 is still a work in progress in February.

“With the phenomenal life span of GTA V, we know a large number of you have been getting some information about another section in the Great Robbery Auto series. With each new undertaking we take on, our objective is generally to move past what we have recently conveyed — and we are satisfied to affirm that dynamic improvement for the following section in the Excellent Robbery Auto series is well in progress. We anticipate sharing more when we are prepared, so if it’s not too much trouble, remain tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for true subtleties.”

Players in GTA 5’s previous iteration could access the stock exchanges by using their mobile devices to access the LCN and BAWSAQ transactions and swap shares there. Additionally, gamers might use “Securities Trading Death Missions” to bring in money. As a result of the rumors about the GTA 6 part, players may have another chance to earn money using cryptocurrencies.

There are many reasons to doubt Rockstar’s willingness to risk its enormous stash of cash in exchange for the chance to win an even larger stash of cash, but by no means does that guarantee crypto won’t appear in that context. The entire point of Great Robbery Auto (basically since GTA 3) is to make fun of American culture in all its illogical, blatant abundance. A new pattern that combines tech brother bragging, terrible independence, and making fast money crush set into as mocking a bundle as the digital currency mania is impossible to imagine.

Engineers are drawn to NFTs and crypto because they believe they will increase their cash flow above what is currently estimated. Rockstar does, however, sort of already have that. With the help of GTA Online microtransactions, Amazing Robbery Auto 5 alone has sold more than 165 million copies and generated over $6 billion in revenue. As late as 2020, Rockstar was collecting $2.5 million every day from its online anarchy sandbox. Obviously, public firms don’t have the concept of “enough cash,” but Rockstar (and its parent company, Take-Two), might not risk their gold mine on a wager that has so far only failed to please those who have tried it.


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