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Former CEO Of Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Cashes Out $960K In CEL, USDC, Data Show
Data show that Alex Mashinsky, who resigned as Celsius’ CEO on Sept. 27, continues to move crypto out of wallets while withdrawals are suspended for customers.
Kabir V.
12:36 11th Oct, 2022

Almost $1 million in CEL and USDC has been sent to UniSwap and MetaMask since the beginning of October from wallets belonging to Alex Mashinsky, according to data compiled by Nansen.

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Some of the transactions from Alex Mashinsky's crypto wallets (Nansen)

On-chain data from analytics platform Nansen identifies wallets belonging to Mashinsky showing a steady stream of Celsius' CEL token and Circle's USDC stablecoin leaving his six wallets over the last month.

Coffezilla, a blockchain sleuth that exposes crypto scams on YouTube, claims to have spotted another wallet controlled by Mashinsky that has moved approximately $225,376 in CEL and USDC during the last month. Ownership of this wallet has not been confirmed by Nansen, however on-chain data shows that it's been funded by a confirmed Mashinsky wallet.

This is in addition to the $28,242 moved by Mashinsky in August over the course of a few days, and the nearly $27 million that was withdrawn by executives in two tranches before the firm declared bankruptcy.

According to on-chain data, Mashinsky’s collection of wallets still contains $197,301 worth of crypto, primarily comprised of CEL and USDC.


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