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Fear City Taught Ex-GTA Artist Stephen Bliss How To Make His First NFT
Fear City by ex-GTA artist Stephen Bliss shows how creating your first NFT can be a learning experience for everyone.
Kabir V.
3:03 11th Jun, 2022

Creating your first NFT can be daunting, and ex-GTA artist Stephen Bliss learned a lot about non-fungible token art and himself while making Fear City. The art for his first self-made project shares some characteristics with Grand Theft Auto, and for good reason – artist Bliss spent 15 years helping to define the look of Rockstars' record-breaking game.

(Image credit: Stephen Bliss)

"Some people say that my Fear City artwork is very similar to Grand Theft Auto, but it's me and I kind of bought that style into Rockstar," says illustrator and fine artist Stephen Bliss who tackles any similarities head on. "It's not a style I can shake off. Fear City is exactly what I'm about; it's a style I can't get rid of."

Fear City is exactly what I'm about; it's a style I can't get rid of (Stephen Bliss)

Bliss has, of course, had a broader career than just GTA. He's created solo fine art shows, painted iconic album covers – Massive Attack V Mad Professor – and has created comics, murals, advertising campaigns and collectible film posters. Fear City is his new and self-created project, and that's special.


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