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Dogecoin Worth $16M Shifted For A Fee Of $0.82 USD
DogeWhaleAlert has reported that $16 million worth of Dogecoin has been shifted from one anonymous address to another for a minute fee that no existing bank in the traditional financial system can offer its clients.
11:58 2nd Jun, 2022

According to the aforementioned tracker of large crypto transfers focused on Dogecoin, several hours ago, a whopping 200,000,000 DOGE were transferred from one anonymous wallet to another.

This amount of crypto worth $16,354,400 was moved between wallets for a minute fee of 10 DOGE—equal to $0.82.

Robinhood Stores 30.7% of DOGE Supply

@DogeWhaleAlert has also shared some data related to DOGE and the popular investment app Robinhood run by Vlad Tenev.

According to the tweet, Robinhood currently holds a staggering 40,738,383,811 Dogecoins worth $3,451,029,969. This mind-blowing sum of meme coins constitutes 30.71% of the DOGE supply circulating out there.

The DOGE is held in two wallets—3334959 and 1699275—on behalf of Robinhood investors using eight known crypto addresses.


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