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Deadfellaz Partners With Wrangler Bringing Vintage Denim To Web3
NFT collection Deadfellaz announced a partnership with denim brand Wrangler, which is owned by Kontoor Brands.
9:35 8th Oct, 2022

The two companies partnered on a choose-your-own interactive storyline that let the Deadfellaz community, known as The Horde, pick the outcome of a digital comic strip. The comic strip is drawn by Leon Lee and comes from the two brands partnering with Web3 platform LTD.INC.

“The comic strip is essentially a collaboration between Deadfellaz, Wrangler and The Horde. It feels to me like heralding back to when you would have amazing artwork that came in the booklets of cds – combining the digital and the tangible,” Deadfellaz co-founder Betty said. “I don’t know that an NFT community has helped create something like this before.”

A merchandise drop of 20 NFC-infused vintage Wrangler jeans is ongoing, with several items still up for grabs from Wrangler. The Deadfellaz x Wranger collaboration called this the first merchandise drop. The 20 jeans link to an NFT of the final comic strip. The jeans also feature Deadfellaz artwork.

“We recently announced our collaboration with Deadfellaz, one of the biggest names in Web3,” Wrangler tweeted. “The concept behind Wrangler Reborn – along with the artwork and brand of Deadfellaz – combined perfectly, and there the name Undead Denim was reborn.”

Wrangler is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022.

Deadfellaz posted the choose-your-own-adventure questions to its followers, with the storyline closely followed by The Horde.

Part 1 saw the heroine waking up and deciding between going into the forest or the city. Fifty-four percent of people picked the forest and determined the first part of the storyline.

“Thank you to everyone who helped us tell this story, especially the community for your input and @leonleeart for the incredible art,” Deadfellaz tweeted.

Why It’s Important: The partnership between Deadfellaz and Wrangler combines a one-year-old brand and a 75-year-old brand and helps bring Wrangler into the world of Web3.

“Web2 brands don’t have to stick to what has always been done, they can absolutely innovate and be a part of this movement if they’re willing to give over a bit of control to their audience – essentially turning audience to community,” Deadfellaz co-founder Betty said.

The partnership is the latest in Web2 companies joining the growth of the Web3 sector, with some choosing to do so on their own and others looking to partner with existing Web3 brands and communities like Deadfellaz in this case.

“We have carved out our space in Web3 as a cornerstone of culture and community,” Deadfellaz co-founder Betty said.

Betty calls partnerships like the one of Deadfellaz and Wrangler, "the coming together of history and innovation."

“It feels like we’re meeting in the middle where people can really enjoy everything that comes with a trusted nostalgic brand, but also the excitement of seeing that brand embrace a disruptive ecosystem that is changing the relationship between consumer and creator. I love that shift, being able to facilitate that and show people how that can work is really exciting.”


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