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DC Comics' Superman #1 & Other Classics Launch As NFTs
Legendary studio DC Comics will further its foothold in the digital space by launching Superman comics in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
Ankita K.
8:23 25th Oct, 2022

DC Comics announced the launch of DC Collectible Comics (DC3), an initiative to drop classic and modern comic books as digital assets weekly. The first of these NFTs will be Superman #1, one of history’s most valuable comic books.

Fans can purchase, hold, or even re-sell the digital asset via DC Comic’s marketplace. Each item will be assigned a different rarity level upon purchase, from Common to Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The first drop in the collection will mint 3,000 unique items.

Depending on the rarity, the NFTs will feature different looks for classic comic books and various covers for modern comics. The former has been out of the print for decades. This new DC Comics initiative will give people a unique opportunity to purchase these rare collectibles. DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Anne DePies said:

We want to take the physical, real world experience of collecting comics that so many of our readers have loved over the years and expand that into a new digital community. We want to build that community aspect that everyone has been so proud to be a part of, in our digital ecosystem to make comic collecting more available and accessible than ever before.

The DC3 will drop Superman #1 for $9.99 from October 27. Next, DC3 will drop popular titles such as Black Adam #1 and more recent comics.

DC Comics has been taking several steps to diversify and leverage the power of NFTs. The digital release of these comics will open the door for new readers to become collectors and access vintage and modern unique titles. Josh Hackbarth, Head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros., said:

(…) we’re constantly looking for ways to embrace this new technology and provide fans with a truly unique experience. We’re proud of the community that we have built so far and are excited to see it grow even further with the addition of DC3 to the Palm platform.

The company has announced partnerships and other initiatives to take its popular comic books to the digital realm and boost their accessibility to new readers. All-time fans benefit from new content formats.

The company allowed a group of fans and NFTs holders to have a voice and vote on the direction of a new title, Batman: The Legacy Cowl #1. This comic book will release today, October 25, as one of the first titles shaped by a community of fans. Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer of Palm NFT Studio, said:

We’re beyond excited to be working with DC to bring this new collection to the platform where fans will now have the opportunity to experience these incredible comics in a newly interactive and engaging way.


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