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Crypto Fugitive Do Kwon Says He Isn’t Hiding From Authorities
Do Kwon said he is making no effort to hide but declined to disclose his exact whereabouts.
Muskaan T.
2:14 27th Sep, 2022

Do Kwon doesn't seem too stressed that he's wanted by authorities.

“I’m writing code in my living room hbu,” the Terraform Labs founder replied to a user on Twitter. When asked about his thoughts on a recently reported Interpol red notice on the heels of a warrant issued by a South Korean court, the founder again responded in a way that seemed to make light of his situation:

Although his current location remains undisclosed, Do Kwon stated he is “making zero effort to hide,” and added, that he goes on walks and to malls.

"No way none of CT [hasn’t] run into me the past couple weeks,” said Do Kwon. However when pressed on where one might visit him, the founder apologized for any confusion and said he hadn’t issued a “twitter wide invitation.”

South Korean officials are seeking the founder-turned-fugitive and fellow Terraform Labs executives for allegedly breaking capital market laws, following the $40 billion collapse of luna and terraUSD.


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