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Cool Cats Animoca Brands & OneFootball Launch Cool Cats FC NFT
Cool Cats, one of the most popular NFT collections, along with Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs announced the launch of Cool Cats FC. This new collection of 4,000 NFTs allows holders to be a part of Cool Cats and OneFootball’s communities.
Himanshu S.
3:11 13th Nov, 2022

With a combination of digital and physical utilities, you can bet holders will be ready for the upcoming football tournament season. Put on those cleats and tie those shoelaces because minting begins on November 17, 2022, at 5 p.m. EST.

How does it work and what are the minting details?

Cool Cats FC is bringing a brand new football experience to holders with their new collection in collaboration with Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs. Once minted, holders will own an NFT that represents one of the 32 international teams in the largest sporting event. Further, when your respective team advances to different stages of the tournament, so does your NFT. In sum, your Cool Cats FC NFT will evolve to reflect the team’s progression.

Furthermore, there will be 1,900 CCFC NFTs available for Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and pre-mint giveaway winners. The NFTs will be available at a price of 0.069 eth each. Moreover, on November 19, the public mint will begin, and 1,600 CCFC NFTs will be available for 0.1 eth each. Each wallet minting can mint up to 2 NFTs during the public mint. It’s worth noting that the remaining 500 CCFC NFTs will be reserved for community events and team drops.

What are the rewards for joining Cool Cats FC?

As your team advances, exclusive, money-can’t-buy rewards will be unlocked. This includes signed merchandise worn by the players, player meet-and-greets, VIP experiences, digital collectibles and more. Also, for the grand prize, 5 lucky holders of the winning team will get the opportunity to have a multi-day exclusive experience. This includes private tours, a VIP football experience, accommodations covered at a 4-star hotel and more. In addition, holders will also be able to earn rewards by participating in community-led events inside the Cool Cats  server.

cool cats fc rewards
The grand prize for the football tournament event. Credit: Cool Cats FC

Stephen Teglas, CEO of Cool Cats Group, shared his excitement about the launch and said the following:

“We are excited to partner with Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs on the innovative Cool Cats FC collection, which brings Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders together in celebration of the upcoming global football/soccer tournament season. With the opportunity to cheer on national teams and earn exciting IRL experiences and products, fans get to enjoy a truly unique experience that money cannot buy.”

About OneFootball Labs

OneFootball Labs is a popular football media platform, reaching 100 million football fans worldwide every month. OneFootball Labs facilitates the release of digital assets along with exclusive fan experiences in conjunction with football clubs, leagues, federations, and players. Through Web3, OneFootball Labs is able to create stronger, more direct relationships between fans and the sport of football.


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