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Charles Hoskinson Slams “Misinformation” About Cardano
The Cardano founder has taken aim at a Reddit user for spreading “misinformation” about the proof-of-stake chain.
Uzma D.
7:40 29th Dec, 2022

In a recent tweet, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, poked fun at the “misinformation” rampant across Reddit threads related to Cardano's computing layer (CL) and settlement layer (SL).

Hoskinson has noted that sidechains are effectively the materialization of Cardano’s envisioned CL.

He asked those pushing this false narrative to "resume eating paint chips now."

Hoskinson's anger was likely directed at Reddit user Awhodothey who criticized a recent Cardano report prepared by blockchain firm Messari.

Awhodothey recently debunked a quote from a the report in a very detailed manner. In the report, it was claimed that "Cardano developed Ouroboros Classic as its first PoS consensus mechanism and split the functions of computation and settlement into separate layers." Awhodothey responded to this claim by saying that Hoskinson did indeed say they were going to create a separate computational layer, but that never actually happened.

Awhodothey also pointed out that none of the smart contract developers on Cardano have managed to build a decentralized smart contract with their own off-chain consensus mechanisms yet.

The user concludes his comment saying “All they have is centralized apps or very simple decentralized txs so far.”

Moreover, the user argued that Cardano is not actually decentralized since Input Output is the only entity that does anything for Cardano.


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