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Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano Needs More Developers As The Network Expands
While the cryptocurrency industry prepares for the launch of the Vasil hardfork at the end of July, the Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has given a detailed update on how things are developing and his organization’s plans for the future.
Ankita K.
10:33 1st Jul, 2022

Describing the mammoth amount of work in progress, Hoskinson touched upon the plans for the foundation of multiple committees, including “governance steering committee, technical steering committee, and other committees that are related to things like growth and adoption,” in a video broadcast on June 30.

In order to support all this work and the network expansion, he stressed the need for more manpower, stating that “you have to allow a set of people in the ecosystem to grow and evolve to a point where those people are capable of participating.”

To this end, he announced setting up a website for signups, “so whoever wants to be part of this members-based organization in some capacity can sign up and then either you pay the membership fee to the organization or you contribute some sort of work to the organization or both.”

He added that:

“That’s one side of it. Another side is we need to get more people working for Cardano.”

Constellation of stars and cautious approach

In addition to the human resources that the Cardano system requires for growth, its founder highlighted that:

“You have to have a constellation of stars that allow you to steer in the right direction. Some of that is decentralization, some of that is resilience, some of that is effectiveness, the cost, some of that is use and utility.”

Hoskinson admitted Cardano was “slow to market with smart contracts”, but that it “missed a lot of the DeFi stuff that’s happening today.” He views this as a benefit, “as the DeFi markets come collapsing down and exponential losses are occurring.”


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