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BNV Takes Paris Fashion Week Into The Metaverse With K-Pop Group Lightsum
A new collaboration between BNV, Weinsanto, and Lightsum marked another step into Web3 for the high-end fashion world.
9:36 29th Sep, 2022

Following designer Victor Weinsanto’s latest fashion collection showcase in the Marais district of Paris, there was the typical post-show scrum you’d find at any Paris Fashion Week event: models with their hair in elaborate styles that give Bjork a run for her money, photographers snapping street style shots, and a lot of cigarettes being smoked and gossip exchanged.

Two floors down, however, in a subterranean room with all the lights shut off, was something very different: a series of glass cases displaying 3D holograms of apparel that exists only in digital form.

These designs were the result of a collaboration between the designer's titular Weinsanto brand, Korean pop group Lightsum, and virtual fashion company BNV.

Dubbed the M3talove collection, the eight virtual looks were made in-house at BNV using digital 3D tailoring techniques. Each one reflects the personality of a different member of the K-pop band.

The outfits look like something that could be worn on stage, with little pops of glamor—a black feather trim here, or a beaded hem there. But unlike real stage outfits, they never need to be cleaned and will always maintain their texture. The way they were presented, on silvery doll-like avatars of the band members, tempted viewers with the impulse to play a game of dress-up.

And fans can soon do just that when the designs are released as Ethereum NFTs sold on BNV’s website. But first, it was important to BNV founder and CEO Richard Hobbs to host a real-world event to connect a physical fashion experience to the rapidly-expanding digital world.

“Whatever happens in the metaverse, it’s got to have relevance to people’s real lives,” he said.

“It’s about experiences,” Hobbs said. “That’s what people want these days.”


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