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Bitcoin Lightning-Enabled ‘Listen-To-Earn’ Podcast App Gets An Upgrade
The app’s new model offers a simpler, more intuitive and more transparent way for listeners to earn BTC.
Muskaan T.
6:08 22nd Sep, 2022

Bitcoin listen-to-earn podcast app, Fountain Podcasts, now allows its listeners to get paid in bitcoin (BTC) for their first hour of listening per day.

Founded last year, Fountain uses the Lightning Network – a layer 2 network built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that helps make bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper – to pay listeners in bitcoin. Users get rewarded for listening to podcasts, engaging with promotional content, referring friends and creating user generated content.

According to Fountain, its previous system, “Flow,” wasn't intuitive. Listeners felt the mechanics behind the model were vague and unrewarding.

“We’ve been looking closely at the data and gathering lots of useful feedback from users. … Clearly the Flow system has not been working. This is why we are launching a new earning system that is more simple, intuitive and transparent. Most importantly, it will allow users to earn more over time,” the company stated in a blog post.


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