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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, & Litecoin Daily Crypto Price Analysis
The recent changes for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others show that the market has continued forward march. The ongoing changes show that the market is likely to continue its progress.
Himanshu S.
10:54 9th Dec, 2022
  • The global crypto market has seen a positive trend as it added 2.40% over the last day.
  • The performance of Bitcoin has also improved as it added 2.45% in a day.
  • The value of Ethereum has also seen improvement as it added 4.41%.
  • Cardano and Litecoin are both bullish, as they have 2.18% and 2.48%, respectively.

The global crypto market has seen a positive change as it continues to grow. The positive stats have attracted investors who were looking for a suitable situation for their investments. As the positive changes continue, the market is likely to strengthen further.

FEC probe has been demanded after SBF admitted that he had made dark money donations. Sam Bankman-Fried had previously told crypto vlogger Tiffany Fong that all his Republican donations were ‘dark.’ A watchdog group has demanded an investigation into SBF’s political donations, as he had donated millions of dollars to Republicans under the table. The mentioned action is a violation of federal law that prohibits it. The Citizens of Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) filed the complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

The mentioned group has cited the comments made by SBF in his statement on 29 November. The CREW senior vice-president said that the SBF said that quite part out loud. He further added that he admitted the violation of federal laws which have been made to ensure transparency. As the rules are there to ensure election transparency, those who violate it should be held accountable.

Here is a brief overview of the current market situation analyzing the performance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

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