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Bank Of Canada Wants Crypto To Be Regulated Before It Gets Too Big
The deputy governor of the Bank of Canada recommended that the authority needs to regulate the crypto industry before it has grown too large to be ignored.
Himanshu S.
4:40 11th Jun, 2022

The recent price plunge of cryptocurrencies has alarmed global authorities about the risk in some projects – like Terra’s ecosystem. In the context that regulatory overhauls targeting the industry may be around the corner, the Central Bank of Canada also voiced the urgency of imposing such rules before the sector has become so big that it could bring down the overall financial market at one point.

Regulatory Urgency

Carolyn Rogers – Bank of Canada Senior Deputy Governor – said in an interview with Reuters that regulating the industry has become increasingly pressing as more people have invested in the asset class.

She was worried that as the industry keeps growing rapidly, attracting new investors who may not understand the risk involved, a violent price drop may eventually lead to a spillover effect onto the broader financial system.

“This is an area that is still small, but it’s growing really rapidly. We don’t want to wait until it gets a lot larger before we bring regulatory controls in place.”

The Deputy Governor viewed the sector as a “largely unregulated area” where investors tried to earn “quick gains” without much knowledge as a whole. According to a recent survey conducted by the bank,  13% of Canadians owned Bitcoin in 2021, up from 5% as recorded the year before.

Despite the urgency of introducing relevant regulations, she acknowledged difficulties in categorizing and overseeing the asset class within the existing regulatory framework.


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