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Andrew Tate's Hustler’s University HU3, Opens With Cryptocurrency Course
HU3, Hustler's University's new platform, launches with a cryptocurrency course.
2:17 6th Nov, 2022

Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University has been surrounded by publicity and controversy in recent months.

Individuals and news outlets alike have described comments made by Tate as violent, derogatory and misogynistic. But, as the old saying goes, there are always two sides to every story.

“Hustler’s University is an online money-focused community providing education and coaching to over 100,000 students worldwide,” HU’s website states. “Our campus is a hub for skill development and our professors are world-class multi-millionaire experts.”

HU was founded in 2021 by Andrew Tate for the sole purpose of teaching individuals how to make passive income through online industries. The program provides its students with coaching, education and new skills to make them wealthy–millionaires even.

The Origins of HU

The original Hustler’s University was a digital product that contained 100 lessons on how to become a millionaire. It wasn’t long before this was upgraded to HU 2.0–when it really took off–having over 110,000 students.

HU 2.0 provided different channels, or campuses, those with a membership could access. These campuses included courses in copywriting, e-commerce, freelancing, stocks, affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency. Each channel had an expert who teaches through the use of infographics and videos.

HU’s New Platform, HU3, Now Open

Hustler’s University 2.0 concluded in August 2022 due to a “massive platform upgrade,” according to its website. That upgrade is HU3, which is now available to customers.

The site already has more than 120,000 active members and students can enroll for $49.99 per month.

“We believe our students should be making money while learning to make money,” the site says. “We’ll focus on making you earn your first online profits and then keep compounding on your success–winning makes winning easier.”

HU3 welcomes students from all backgrounds. This includes those who want out of a 9-5 job, those with no business experience whatsoever and entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level.

Enrolled students are trained through structured tutorials, live sessions, and group and personal coaching. The entire process is highly interactive.

The Man Behind It All: Andrew Tate

None of this would have happened without Andrew Tate. While his influence has reached millions of people all over the world, somehow, there are some who have never heard of him. This is surprising–Tate has had quite the come-up.

Tate took off as a social media influencer and his opinions on money, politics and women made him well-known. Prior to his online success, Tate was a professional kickboxer and a four-time world champion. More recently, however, Andrew Tate has endorsed cryptocurrency.

Tate Champions Cryptocurrency

It’s not crypto news headlines that Tate advocates for digital currency.  He’s got Big Eyes on the market however, likelike the mascot of the new meme token. Aware of the wave of opportunity coming, Tate dedicated a course in HU3 solely on digital money.

The most popular course given by Hustler’s University is copywriting. This is because, unlike the others, no money is required to start using the skills learned. But the crypto course holds its own.

The HU website says “our crypto strategy is focused on attacking the world’s highest performing asset market from three investment angles: long term, medium term and short term.”

The course caters to the student’s personality, financial status and timeline of the financial plan.

Tate also personally endorsed Bitcoin in an interview with Anthony Pompliano released in August. During this interview, Tate said “crypto is amazing for a bunch of things.

He also notes that he changed the trajectory of his life because he was mad at the fact that he was broke. So he said adios to the kickboxing gig and started a business.

This sudden shift led him to the discovery of Hustler’s University and cryptocurrency.

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