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American Musician Mike Shinoda-Backed Startup Will Bring NFT Avatars On Video Calls
Mike Shinoda, the popular rapper, singer, and co-founder of the alternative rock band "Linking Park," confirmed that he invested in the rising startup called Hologram.
Kabir V.
7:15 15th Jul, 2022

This new company was founded by its CEO Tong Pow and co-founder Hongzi Mao, a computer science Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

With their expertise in computer science, they are now working together to bring NFT avatars to video calls. This is what attracted Shinoda since he is a fan of the rising NFT industry.

Mike Shinoda-Backed Startup Works on NFT Video Call Avatars

TechCrunch reported that they had an exclusive interview with Tong Pow. During their virtual meeting, they didn't see the real face of Pow.

Instead, Tong's NFT avatar was the one who faced the interviewer. He used a blockchain artwork that features a cartoon medieval-helmet-clad cad.

This NFT Avatar was able to mirror Pow's movements behind the webcam efficiently. The company's CEO gave during the interview just a sneak peek of their innovation.

As of writing, NFT avatars are already rampant on various social media platforms, such as Twitter. But, this is easier since they are just there on your online account's profile page, not move at all.

Now, this is what Hologram Labs plans to change. NFTs are blockchain-verified JPEGs that have lots of limitations. Because they are created to be static photos, people can't use them as their avatars during virtual conferences.

But, the new tech of the Mike Shinoda-backed startup is expected to change this.  


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