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American DJ 3LAU Taken To Court By “Walk Away” Collaborator Over NFT Proceeds
Music NFT pioneer 3Lau is facing accusations that claim he did not pay fellow “Walk Away” collaborator Luna Aura her fair share of the major $11 million NFT sale. Luna has further claimed that the DJ/Producer has paid only an upfront $25,000 fee against the song.
Muskaan T.
9:23 11th Nov, 2022

This constitutes a breach of contract, according to Luna Aura, who claims she has a 50% stake in the song.

Why Is 3Lau Facing A Lawsuit For ‘Walk Away’?

As stated in the lawsuit, Luna Aura (real name Angela Ann Flores) entered into a contract with 3Lau in early 2017. The song made its way to 3Laus album “Ultraviolet” at the start of 2018. In 2021, 3Lau made headlines when he sold an NFT collection of the same album, raking in around $11 million in revenue sales. The “Ultraviolet” album was sold as 33 collectible tokens. These digital collectibles gave holders access to a variety of different perks and special experiences. Some of them being vinyl copies, exclusive unreleased music, and more.

Inspite of this, Aura’s new lawsuit claims the DJ did not share any of these details (or profits) with her. The album, she claims, is also a joint effort between the two artists. Moreover, she states that the auction was held without any prior notice to her. This is where she claims 3Lau has breached his initial 2017 contract. Talking to Billboard, Andrew Goldstone (3Lau’s manager) has shunned the allegations. He says “These claims are without merit, and we will vigorously defend the lawsuit that was just filed yesterday without any prior notice. Justin’s team tried for months to reach a deal with Flores in good faith, but she stopped responding and instead chose to file a lawsuit.”

Flores claimed that not only did she not receive any compensation from the NFTs, she also did not receive appropriate credit. In addition, the lawsuit also adds that the “Walk Away” NFTs are still on sale with no compensation to her.

Who Is 3Lau?

3Lau (Justin David Blau) is an American EDM DJ/Producer. Known for his live sampling sets and melodic dance music mashups, he is also the founder of Blume. Blume is a pathbreaking record label that harnesses the power of streaming to donate to charitable causes.


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