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American Comedy Duo Laurel & Hardy Film Jumps Into The Present Day Via NFTs
This new collection of 555 NFTs honours the popular comedic duo, Laurel and Hardy. Thanks to blockchain technology, fans can own a piece of the duo’s iconic black-and-white film, Way Out West (1937). On November 28, 2022.
Himanshu S.
9:59 14th Nov, 2022

The collection will consist of 555 still images from “Way Out West,” the British-American film featuring the duo. In detail, a number of clips represent the collection. Each cut (clip) in the collection marks the end of one cut and the start of the next. Moreover, fans will be able to be exclusive owners of clips ranging from the very beginning to the very end of the classic film. In essence, it is the digital equivalent of owning a piece of the original reel. Furthermore, MovieShots and Beta Film GmbH, the leading distributor of TV license rights, made this collection possible. The collaboration allows classic film lovers to digitally own 1 of 1 items and prove ownership through blockchain technology.

“Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy have etched themselves into our cultural memory and we are honoured to immortalize this cultural legacy in the form of digital collectibles on the blockchain,” says founder Jan Leitenbauer.

MovieShots is an Austrian startup whose main objective is to tie the worlds of film and NFTs together. The company first entered the market in May 2022 with their first film, “Run Lola Run.” Following the success of the collection, the company decided to release another classic film. Hence, the decision to choose Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West film.


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