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Adam Back Believes Bitcoin Is Apolitical & Unseizable Money
The founder of Blockstream, Adam Back, supports the views of Blockstream’s former Chief Strategy Officer, Samson Mow by saying that Bitcoin is apolitical and we should focus on it.
Himanshu S.
7:32 22nd Jul, 2022

The CEO of Jan3com, Mow opined that the motivation around CBDC is not to facilitate transactions confidentially.

He said, “If I freeze your money, you can no longer do anything. It’s really important that we go back to apolitical money. The best way to move forward is to just adopt Bitcoin as money, like countries like El Salvador are doing.”

Back supported this viewpoint, stating that Bitcoin is ‘apolitical, bearer, unseizable money.’ He also believes that stablecoins are better than CBDC and called CBDCs as ‘systems of control’.

CBDC’s are much worse than bank accounts, he says. Seeing how CBDC’s are completely controlled by the government, they essentially take away the decentralization aspect of it.


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